Way off the beaten track out in the jungle, lies a tribal jungle village.

Last visited by RECON forces, and used as a temporary sactuary/outpost, this village is largely undisturbed by the modern world. Cross the river from this village, where there lies a ruin of a civilisation that's passed by. It's presence is shrouded in mystery, as nobody is quite sure of it's reason for being there, or it's reason for being abandoned. Enter another corner of this field, and you enter a secret woodland base of the local guerrillas, a hostile place for anyone to be in There's a lot to this field. Firstly, you have the natural creek that runs through it. For some of the year, this creak has flowing water, and adds a great element to the field.

There are three bridges in place for passing through the creek, or if you're anything like me, you'll simply enjoy getting your boots wet.

Creek in recon Ruins, Jericho Airsoft Socal

Here's a little info, and a photo of the real ruin

Gedi Ruins, Kenya

Gedi Ruin, Kenya

This once great civilization was a powerful and complex Swahili settlement with a population of over 2500, built during the 13th century. The ruins of Gedi include many houses, mansions, mosques and elaborate tombs and cemeteries.

Despite the size and complexity of this large (at least 45 acre) settlement, it is never mentioned in any historic writings or local recorded history. The nearby Portuguese settlement at Malindi seems to have had no contact with, or even known of the existence of Gedi. The town has all the appearances of a trading outpost, yet its position, deep in a forest and away from the sea makes it an unlikely trading centre. What was Gedi trading, and with whom?

But the greatest of all of Gedi's mysteries was its sudden and inexplicable desertion in the 17th century. The entire town was suddenly abandoned by all of its residents, leaving it to ruination in the forest. There are no signs of battle, plague, disturbance or any cause for this sudden desertion.

This ruin seemed like so much fun to play in, and it's air of mystery was enough for me, to make it part of our Ruins field.

This field will never dissapoint, as it has a bit of everything, and a very exhilerating feel to it.