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Spring Break 2015!!

We're open extra days for Spring Break!!!

That's right, we're open for quite a few extra days!!

  • Week 1 - Wednesday March 25th, and Friday March 27th! 
  • Week 2 - Wednesday April 1st, and Friday April 3rd!
  • Week 3 - Wednesday  April 8th, Thursday April 9th, and Friday April 10th!

Our weekend schedule will remain the same, every Saturday and Sunday from 8am - 4pm, as always!!

Gameplay Photos - Week Ending March 29th, 2015

Gameplay Photos - Week Ending March 29th 2015

I love to take action photos during gameplay, as well as fun pictures taken throughout the day. Memories of our days playing airsoft together are valuable possessions we all need to hold dear.

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Nemesis, Ghost, & HVT Extraction

Sunday March 15th, 2015

This Sunday had a recipe for a great day, and didn't disappoint in the slightest. Nemesis Socal Airsoft OPFOR were introducing some new team members, and increasing numbers. 

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7's Wild 2015

7's Wild 2015

A few years ago, Isaac 'DOC' Garcia came up with a tournament event called 7's Wild, that would be organized by himeslef and his team, the 777's. It turned out that in the end they opted to run a scenario instead of a tournament, and thank god they did, because 7's Wild is literally one of the best scenario games we have each year!

The 777's have been around for around 5 years now, and have definitely grown from their beginnings. They've grown to around 25 members, but not only that, they have managed to outgrow the initial team hater attitude towards many teams out there, and developped themselves into a core part of the community at Jericho Airsoft.




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Sunday March 8th 2015

Sunday March 8th, 2015

What an awesome day this was!!

The sun was out and the sky was blue, but beautiful cool temperatures meant is was once again perfect airsoft weather.

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Jericho AirsoftMilsim Airsoft Park

Upcoming Events

  • 27 Jun
    Jericho Airsoft 7th Birthday Event 07:00 AM to 03:00 PM

    Our biggest birthday game YET!!! Come out and celebrate with us with free giveaways, prizes, and a massive game of airsoft!!!

"This place is great whether your a beginner, intermediate , or advance player for everyone it's great park to play at."

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