Sunday March 15th, 2015

This Sunday had a recipe for a great day, and didn't disappoint in the slightest. Nemesis Socal Airsoft OPFOR were introducing some new team members, and increasing numbers. 

HITMAN came out of retirement to play, as well as to co-ordinate some great scenarios. GHOST, TOO-TALL, and a long list of great guys were out playing this day, so it was definitely going to be great!!

At Jericho, we're constantly trying to figure out ways in which the games can be better. Whether it's by making new props, or figuring out new scenarios to play, we are constantly asking ourselves, "How can we be better?"


Team Profile: Nemesis Socal Airsoft OPFOR


It's one thing to ask yourself as a player the same question, as all you need to do is focus on a few details, such as hit-calling, individual tactics, team tactics, etc, but often it's difficult to ask how to improve a park, as there are so many factors within that decision making process. Sometimes there are field issues, management issues, training issues, and of course, that all-too familiar human element. 

A short while ago, we found that games were often a little unfair, despite our best efforts. Games were not lasting very long, ebcause we couldn't find the perfect player balance. We would find it eventually, but often it was a challenge.

TRICKLOWE came up with a concept for a team that focussed on purely providing balance, that equilibrium was more important for than 'winning' (whatever that means) or dominating games.

TRICKLOWE of Nemesis Airsoft

TRICKLOWE says, "The concept behind the team was simple, yet elegant. We got tired of unbalanced games. There's two things that I hate more than anything in airsoft, and it's winning easily, or losing easily. Both of those things suck. I much prefer long hard battles with friends.

We formed Nemesis under the concept that we would always be the OPFOR, that is we will always play for the weakest team, that needs some help in the game, to provide balance, and make games much more fun. We always start out as green (literally, they run OD!) because usually green needs the most help, but if Green get too strong, we switch our uniforms to Tan, and play for the tan team.

The best way to beat an overpowering force, is to give them an equal enemy, and provide equilibrium. A fairly balanced game is a beautiful thing."

BROWN of Nemesis Airsoft

The Nemesis team logo is a Yin Yang logo (see above) with two dragons fighting for the balance of Green & Tan. TRICKLOWE says he's more than happy with the team, and that they're currently vetting and recruiting team members, but the right mindset is the most important;

"We don't choose players because of their 'amazing abilities', or overpriced equipment, in fact we run pretty low-priced gear and guns, and have pretty loose uniform requirements. Our first element of choice is the right positive attitude to airsoft, and the understanding of the team concept. We're out to have fun at all times, is the point. it's amazing how hard it can be to find those people sometimes. Never take the game too seriously, and never believe your own bullshit, it'll bite you in the ass every time."

Nemesis play every second Sunday, and are always looking for the right players to join them.


Player Profile: GHOST

Yeah, there are many players out there with the callsign 'GHOST', but this guy in particular, endears the title, more than anyone I've met.  I imagine ghosts to be quiet, softly spoken, be able to pass by unnoticed, as well as have the ability to move swiftly and silently. This guy definitely has all of those qualities!

I have to admit, I really hadn't noticed GHOST very much as a player until recently. I don't mean that I didn't see him or speak to him, I just mean that I hadn't played in quite a while, which led me to miss a few things.

More recently, however, I've had the pleasure to take to the field with this guy, and found him to be not only one of the fairest hit-calling people around, but the gentleman personified that perhaps we all wish we were.

One thing's for sure, is if GHOST is around, he's got you covered, as he plays extremely well as a lone player, but can cohesively work with anyone around him. As far as I'm aware, he doesn't run for an  assigned team, but would definitely make a great addition to any team's roster.

His current loadout is made up of Multicam, and he does have the complete loadout which makes a pretty good impression of a US ARMY PJ, or perhaps a Ranger unit.

GHOST takes a knee in RECON Ruins

GHOST  runs a SCAR-L, which would definitely be my rifle of choice if I could muster the cash together to purchase the VFC SCAR-L I've always wanted to get, but never got around to, nor have I had the cash at the right time.

If you see GHOST around, don't be afraid to say hi, as he's a very personable and approachable player, and often has good advice for beginners. He definitely is a great guy to have at Jericho Airsoft, which is why we decided to feature him today.

Scenario Time: HVT Extract

This weekend it was great to see HITMAN come out of retirement and co-ordinate some games with us!!

I don't many people know, but HITMAN has actually played airsoft with me since my second ever game, LONG before Jericho Airsoft was even thought about. He was in fact the first ever co-ordinator, and even helped us create many of the games regularly played at Jericho today.

HITMAN was the first co-ordinator at Jericho Airsoft - Lake Elsinore, and managed, and built up the park for airsoft from the beginning, so to have him around, with his wealth of experience, is always going to be a good day!!


This day was no exception to that rule, as HITMAN put together a pretty awesome HVT Extraction scenario. We took a smaller team of players, and gave them their objectives, as I followed them into battle with the Jericho 'combat camera'.


I grabbed some great shots of these guys, as they got worked hard by the enemy, but continued to claw their way through Babylon, taking each inch slowly. TOO-TALL & DJ worked their way through Babylon pretty well, and definitely helped make a huge difference in the push forwards.


The battle ensues, DJ fighting hard here.

Medic heals a player inside a building before the big push up the hill

The HVT team showed some pretty good cover-and-move bounding tecniques, as well as using their medics extremely effectively (and BOY did they NEED THEM!!), and using some great team work.

The Big Push

Finally, there was no other option, than to storm the hill at Firebase, and take the territory required to end this game.

All-in-all, this turned out to be an amazing day of airsoft. Some good times had by all players, a lot ot tired and enthusiastic people are what we always work towards, and great times are what we achieved today, for sure!! Until next time, players!!